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  • Sweet Dreams + How to Be A Lady :: new zines

    This is a joint project I worked on with Carolee Superdilettante last summer. At an early age, music videos gave us ideas about how the world worked and how we might come to be adults. Each of these zines is about how certain music videos from the 80s and early 90s shaped this concept in our minds. These zines are text-heavy with very detailed cut and paste layouts/illustrations. Behold! If you like memoir-perzines about gender and pop culture this is right up your alley.

    If that were not enough, the zines will arrive packaged in a handmade gold paper folder hand-decorated with notebook graffiti representative of the era. What sort of graffiti? Look into your past, my friends. You know what you drew on YOUR notebooks. It's good stuff.

    More about the zines here.