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  • Somerville Open Studios 4/5-4/6

    Why come to see me at Somerville Open Studios on May 5 and 6? I'll tell you why:

    1. Zines! It's a common theme in all my work this year, and at open studios you can purchase my zines, including the recently-published Inspirado. You can also see what goes into making a zine, as I'm planning to work on a new one during open studios. You can also find out more about my upcoming zine event with the Somerville Arts Council. Tell me about the zine you used to make in college! Zine talk: let's do this.

    2. New things! I'm working on a few new things, one of which is a series of small pieces that are a combination of painting, collage, and drawing. Right now I'm referring to them as Conversation Pieces and if you come to open studios you'll see why. Mysterious!

    3. Buttons! If you come to open studios and mention reading this blog, I'll give you a Miss Sequential button AND a high-five. Don't miss it!

    4. A new space! Previous years I had open studios at my house, but not this year. While I still do my work in my home studio, my friends at the Washington Street Art Center have invited me to show my work with them, because they are great. The WSAC has about 20 working artists, and so if you stop by and see me, you can also the the work of these excellent people. Excellent!

    5. Buddies! Greatest (to me) of the great WSAC crew is my friend Megan Mary, who, as you may recall, wrote/illustrated Inspirado with me. Megan Mary makes some incredible cut paper art that you will enjoy. See us both making art and talking about art! See us drink tea or seltzer! It will be like you are LIVING THE ZINE. I don't know if there's anything else to say about that.

    See you then!!