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  • Papercut zine library grand re-opening!

    This weekend, as it became apparent that I was getting a very nasty cold, I left the house anyway to attend the grand re-opening of the Papercut Zine Library at its new home in the back corner of Lorem Ipsum books.

    When we walked in, the shop was full of zine-appreciators, all listening to a zine reading. After the reading we milled around, took a peek at the collection, and found a table with zine-making supplies so anyone who wanted to could make a page for their comp zine. Friends, we all know I can't resist the opportunity to try out a typewriter. We stood at the table to do layouts, and I typed some text quietly as the first band of the night began to play (The Low Tide; I really liked them!). And from the weird old books and supplies on the table, I made this:

    I feel like there might be more to that story, or maybe a fake archaeology zine that may need to happen in the future. For now, I am so excited that the zine library has moved into my neighborhood, and I hope to visit often, read tons of zines, donate extra zines from my collection, and hopefully see more zine-related events in the future. There used to be so much of a zine presence in Boston, and I miss that.