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  • New project: Draw Your Vegetables

    It's summertime in the northern hemisphere, and for many of us that means more fresh vegetables, finally. Because this is my first year participating in a CSA, I thought it would be cool to draw my vegetables each week. Not only will this help me to keep a record of the veggies and fruits received (so in planning for next year, this is good "was it worth it" evidence), but it will get me thinking about seasonal recipes and what the heck to do with 20 heads of lettuce (instinct: run away screaming).

    Keeping in mind that many people eat more vegetables this time of year, I thought it would be cool to start up a Flickr group called Draw Your Vegetables, a chance to share the contents of your crisper every week (or as often as you'd like to draw them). So whether you participate in community-supported agriculture, visit a local farm stand or farmer's market, grow your own vegetables in your yard, or go to the local supermarket, please join us. All of these vegetables should be drawn!