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  • Orderly Disorder tour poster

    It's been a busy few weeks! In the midst of everything, I agreed to draw this flier for Orderly Disorder: Zinester Librarians in Circulation Tour, a nine-city tour of the southeast and midwest by a crew of zinester librarians in a magical zinemobile. The tour starts off in two Sundays from New Orleans, and makes stops in Atlanta, Murfreesboro TN, Pittsburgh, Cleveland... well, you get the idea. See the website for details.

    The group didn't have a set idea for the poster, so they left it up to me to come up with a concept. I pictured the zinemobile as an ice cream truck with wings and lots of zines fluttering around, so that's what we've got here. There was an awful lot of text to fit in, so I alternated a few different styles of hand-drawn type to create an hierarchy of information and to look cool. I also incorporated the list of stops and participants typed on my typewriter, which gave it an old-school cut-and-paste zine look.

    The zinemobile isn't coming within several states of where I am, but if you're in one of the cities it plans to visit, be sure to check the blog for more info. The zinester librarians will be reading from their own work, which should be really cool.