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  • Interview on the Craftland blog today

    Exciting news: today I am the featured artist on the Craftland blog.

    Craftland is a store in Providence, Rhode Island, that sells items made by indie designers, many from New England and others from faraway lands. Craftland has carried my goods in their special holiday sale for the past few years, and they currently carry a lot of my handmade items in their year-round shop. It has always been a great experience working with them, and they have helped me bring my work to a larger audience, so when they asked if they could interview me for the blog, I said OF COURSE.

    The interview features lots of discussion about my work space, philosophizing about winner medals, some stuff about my zine history, and other topics. There is also a photo of me looking cool as a cucumber drinking a beer from a glass (fancy!!) at Vesuvio Cafe in San Francisco. Vesuvio is directly across Jack Kerouac Alley from City Lights bookstore, and with all those Beat poet connections it is an ideal place for being cool. Just saying.

    Thank you Craftland! And thank YOU for reading.