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  • Attn: zine readers! Many Mails!

    Dear people who have read my latest zine, Miss Sequential #4,

    Thank you for reading! I wanted to assure you that I was not kidding about the mini-zine that you could get from me if you sent a SASE. Here is a photo, so you will know it is real:

    The Many Mails of Miss Sequential

    Look at that cover paper. Fancy! This is a zine of drawings of all the mail I sent out from January-March 2011. Yes, I drew all those mails.

    And I should say that SASE is the ONLY way you can get one of these mini zines. They're not going to distros, they're not going to be with the rest of my zines in my Etsy shop.

    If you haven't read Miss Sequential #4, you can order it here.

    If you want to read the mini Many Mails zine only, you can send a SASE (or an IRC if you're outside the USA) to:

    Marissa Falco
    65 Newton Street #2
    Somerville, MA 02143

    Note: Zine dimensions are about 4 x 4.5 inches, so any envelope that will accommodate that will be perfect. If you are in the USA, a 44-cent stamp will be sufficient.