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  • Open studios April 30 + May 1: one more thing!

    Friends! I received a question from someone about whether or not you should bring your own supplies for the letter-writing party at my open studio tomorrow and Sunday. This is the deal:

    I have made some special-for-the-event stationery AND postcards which you are welcome to use. I will be digging through my paper stash for some coordinating envelopes. I also received a donation of some stationery from the Letter Writers Alliance from their recent letter-writing party and it is very cool. You can use that, too. No charge for any of this stuff, by the way.

    However, if there is a special paper you want to use, or maybe you write all your notes to friends on Atlantic City postcards or something clever like that, well you are certainly welcome to bring it for yourself. Either way, no problem!

    And I will also have a selection of stamps available, in case you need one. Because if you're gonna write a letter, you're gonna want to mail it.

    Ok! See you tomorrow, or maybe Sunday!