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  • FILL-anthropic

    I forgot to post about this earlier!

    This is a logo I created for FILL-anthropic, an organization started by one of my friends from home, Karen Gilbransen. We worked together to come up with a logo concept that would suggest a glass-half-full optimism about doing your part to make a difference in our hometown community of Willimantic, Connecticut.

    The logo was created in black and white to keep printing costs minimal (flyers and postcards can be printed on any photocopier) and to keep the beverage generic (though if we're being honest, mine would have to be one of the house brews from the Willimantic Brewing Company). A color version could be an easy change in the future.

    From the organization's Facebook page:

    Raising money for local non-profits is as easy as going out for a drink and leaving a donation. It really is that simple. Once a month we meet at the Willimantic Brewing Company, spend time with friends and meet new ones. We ask for a donation of $5. That money goes to a local organization that we choose.