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  • Bazaar Bizarre Boston this weekend!

    Hi guys! There hasn't been too much going on here lately because there's been so much going on in my studio lately. Bazaar Bizarre is this weekend, and I've been working on all kinds of stuff that YOU (yes. you.) can purchase for yourself or others on Sunday. Exciting! Here's a peek:

    sleep with a winner

    You may have heard about my winner medals, as I've been talking about them pretty much nonstop since I started making them this summer. But now, in addition to winner medals and CUSTOM winner medals, I'm putting winner medals on other things, like the pillow above, which I like to call "Sleep with a Winner" ha ha.

    Oh yeah, and the custom winner medals will be in full effect at BBB this weekend. Because sewing them at the fair would be kind of nuts, I'm taking orders and will mail them to you by the following Monday. So you get a winner medal AND some mail. Brilliant!

    What else? I'm still not done with the swimmers...


    These are silkscreened cotton jersey scarves. They are SO soft and cozy, and work well for outdoor warmth as well as indoor accessorizing. I imagine it would also be nice to wear one of these scarves after you swim a heck of a race at a swim meet, just saying. I made a prototype for myself, and based on the reaction from my swim team I knew I had to make more. So these will be available at BBB, and I do expect to make more in the future.

    So that's it! If you're in the Boston area (or anywhere in New England and like to road trip for crafts), you should stop by Bazaar Bizarre this weekend. Hope to see you there!