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  • New zine!

    Yes, it's really true! I made a new zine.


    31, as it is called, was originally conceived as a 31st-birthday party favor for not only my friends attending my birthday festivities (we went to the Barking Crab, it was AWESOME), but also all the faraway friends and family who I wished could be at my party, too. And after a bit of reworking, it's now available to everyone! That is pretty exciting.


    Ordering details are available through etsy: ORDER 31 ZINE HERE, or if we're see-each-other-in-person types, you can hand me cash minus the shipping cost. YES.


    As this is almost entirely collage and illustration, it's the first art zine I've made, and it's really taken me back to my cut-and-paste roots. I ran out of glue stick for the first time in about 6 years! Crazy.