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  • Stuff for sale!

    In preparation for open studios and postcard-sending season (you know, you should really send them year 'round, and some people do, but mostly they make the rounds when everyone's gone on summer vacation) I had a bunch of postcards made up from some of my drawings. They are all available in sets of five (five of the same card, no assortments just yet) from my etsy shop.

    For you, blog readers, a preview:

    We have the swimmers, because I love swimming:

    swimming postcards!

    We have the ray-of-sunshine-in-your-mailbox self portrait dedicated to anyone who is digging themselves out of SAD and/or just needs a little sunshine:

    sunshine postcards!

    And, finally, we have the thank-you card that is either UNSPEAKABLY INSISTENTLY SINCERE, or ACTUALLY KIND OF A LITTLE CHEEKY, depending on who you are and who you send it to. Knowing me, it could be either, or, and all of the above on any given day. It all depends what you write on the back!

    thank you postcards!