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  • Miss Sequential zine #2

    Miss Sequential #2

    Yes! Here it is! Months in the making! Miss Sequential zine #2!

    This issue is a daily comic version of my everyday September 2009. I wanted to try my hand at a daily comic for a couple of reasons:
    1. I like reading daily comics, and find the minutiae of other people's daily lives interesting. i wanted to challenge myself to find something interesting about every one of my own days.
    2. I was somewhat doubtful that I'd manage to make a second issue without something like a DRAW EVERY SINGLE DAY directive.

    Miss Sequential #2: in progress

    This zine is 36 pages, 5.5 inches square. Pricing is as follows:

    $4 to be mailed to North America
    $5 to be mailed somewhere outside North America

    (if we see each other in person, you can hand me $3 and we'll call it even!)

    Now available in my shop HERE.