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  • There Was a Dream and One Day I Could See It

    avetts & eggs

    Ahhh, this drawing. Long story. When I moved in downstairs, Sarah made it her mission to convert me to listening to the Avett Brothers as constantly as she did. This took about one listen to their latest album, "I and Love and You," and I was totally sold. We went to see them in October and I was completely blown away and MAY have almost cried during their first song because it was so overwhelming. Awesome music, great performance, good-looking dudes.

    Fast forward to me and Sarah having a typical conversation on instant messenger a short time later. The topic of "The Hottest Thing You Can Think of Right Now" was discussed. This was item #2: The Avett Brothers showing up on your front stoop with a basket of fresh eggs.

    Stay tuned, there are more where this came from.

    Happy new year!