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  • drawings for other people

    Hello! It's been a while. I'm not sure what I've been up to since drawing all those portraits back in February, I think I needed a break after doing all that drawing.

    Now that summertime is here and the days are longer, I've decided to try incorporating more drawing into my everyday life. One way I've been doing this is by taking the pressure off, doing mostly quick sketches and doodles. For instance, the portrait of my dad, drawn on an envelope I was mailing him last month:

    summer vacation dad

    And the going-away card I made for my friend Gretchen, who is working in France for the summer:

    bon voyage

    Here's a postcard I made for my friend Thara (pictured on the right):

    two blokes in a bath

    Here's a postcard I made for my friend Ericka, who remarked that she didn't have to leave her bed in order to run errands around Minneapolis:

    ericka and lydia

    (those last two are drawn on these great 8x10" corrugated cardboard flats the production people throw out, and we designers scoop up, at my work)

    And one last drawing, for me, rendered with ballpoint pen on the styrofoam take-out containter from Uno's:


    I'm moving apartments this week, but I do have more to share, so expect another post very soon!