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  • The Sketchbook Project

    This, my friends, got a little out of control in the very best way possible.

    About a month or so ago, I joined a project called the Sketchbook Project, a brainstorm of the guys at Art House Coop. Fill a Moleskine sketchbook with artwork based on the theme "Everyone We Know"? Alright, this I can do.

    I decided to illustrate 32 of my Facebook friends' status messages in my own cartoon/caricature style. Over the course of several weeks, I collected the most interesting (drawing-wise) status updates and logged them in a notebook. I then set out to illustrate the best of the list.

    #7: david hornbuckle

    I'm lucky my friends have such weird adventures.

    #11: cheryl tapper

    I like to challenge myself, and I decided that 32 drawings in about a month in a 3x5-inch sketchbook was KIND OF challenging (ha). But I also decided to limit myself to drawing as quickly as possible--this helped me to get my ideas on the paper quickly, and stopped me from getting too critical about composition (which I couldn't afford to do with 32 drawings to do). These are meant to be sketchy and simple, and I think they worked out well.

    #2: laura fisher

    One of the most fun aspects of this project was getting to draw people I've always wanted to draw, and getting to draw a few friends/acquaintances who do a lot of drawing themselves! (like missy, below, who draws all kinds of awesome comics and illustrations)

    #13: missy kulik

    To see the whole set, check out my flickr here: Sketchbook by Marissa Falco

    To learn more about The Sketchbook Project and the touring exhibit, go here: the Sketchbook Project