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  • barack steady

    barack steady!

    let me break it down for you, friends: sometimes i need to get a little political.

    sometimes a public figure is too entirely perfect a candidate for a marissa-made portrait. sometimes it takes me months and months to be able to get the drawing-in-my-head to commit itself to paper. this one has been bouncing around in my brain for a few months. today i give you barack steady, a 1.25" button (pin, badge, what have you) in celebration of the man himself. not only did i design the button, but i assembled them on megan & sarah's button machine, fueled by chicken pot pie and HOPE. i am rather thrilled with how they came out.

    this is a limited edition of 96 buttons (with a possible second edition to come, should there be a need), and one of them can be yours! i'm asking for a $1 donation per button, and all donations will go to obama/biden '08.

    if you're someone i see in person, you can just hand me a dollar and i'll hand you a button.

    if you're a faraway friend
    , ordering info is thus: buttons are $1 each with an additional $1 shipping. the $1 shipping covers the cost of postage/envelope and will cover up to 10 buttons. so if you order 3 buttons, you send me $3 for the buttons + $1 postage = $4. cool? payments can be sent to me via paypal to if you don't have paypal, kindly email me at that same email address and we'll figure something out.

    edited to add: hello readers from! i have currently sold out of the first batch of these buttons (as of 10/5), but will have more available in about a week.

    buttons back in stock as of 10/11. get 'em while they're still here!