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  • The Sampler is crafty like ice is cold

    this sketch was done for this great craft-related organization/network/awesomeness called the sampler, which brings samples of indie craft items to potential purchasers. it's really a clever concept, and one i have participated in a few times, so i was excited to have the opportunity to help out with this drawing!

    drawing for the sampler

    the sampler headquarters has recently moved to boston, massachusetts, and alison is curating a special sampler featuring lots of local handmade items. we didn't want the drawing to be too "pahhk the cahhhh" and overly boston, so i opted to include a more subtle detail to indicate the boston area.

    like a lot of my drawings, i did a few sketches before i finished the drawing. check 'em out!

    process sketch 1

    process sketch 2