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  • barbe bleue


    this is a project i made for my french translation 3 class when i was in college. we were assigned the story of barbe bleue, or blue beard, to translate from french to english in a creative and interpretative way.

    all of my classmates wrote up translations that were fairly straight and true to the story. the night before it was due, i got out my sharpie, my crayons, and my construction paper, and made this:


    i thought it would be funny to make it into something on the idea of a children's book, but very, very dark (thanks, creepy storyline). simple drawings with crayon to highlight the two most significant colors.


    due to my minimal grasp on the french language, i kept the translation fairly literal but embellished with my own sense of humor and details i thought would add interest to the story. for instance, there are a couple of crusty punk characters and a hero that rides off into the sunset on a vespa scooter.


    i'm only showing a sample, since i'm still thinking i might do something with it someday. i'm glad i wouldn't let my teacher keep it. je suis desolee, marie-cecile.