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  • sketchy sunday

    On the morning of May 10th, also known as Mother's Day, I was on the phone with my mom:

    Mom: So, what are you doing today?
    Miss Sequential: Oh, there's this drawing class I might go to... It's at a bar, in Allston. It's a life drawing class with burlesque dancer models, and you draw and drink and they take off some clothes. But I dunno.
    Mom: I think you have to go and report back!

    I couldn't very well ignore my Mom's wishes on Mother's Day, so I made my way over to Great Scott in Allston for the monthly installment of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School. That link is for the original New York event, but the concept is the same: those eager to do some life drawing show up at a local bar, sketchbooks in tow, and draw models (most of whom are dancers in the burlesque scene) for three hours. Catcalling is encouraged. Sometimes there are contests, like "draw this pose, and incorporate an alien." I'd go so far as to say it's the most fun drawing class I've ever been to.


    The week I went to class there were only about fifteen people there, but I'm told that it gets pretty crowded when it's not a holiday weekend. Everyone sits around the stage at the back of the bar, sipping drinks, sketching, and chatting with the models. We were lucky to have two excellent models, Voluptuous Rain (who had never modeled before and who asked us to check the score of the Sox game on the bar tv) and Max (who made a bright red terry-cloth thong to wear at his Dr. Sketchy's debut). P.S. Nobody got totally naked.


    I'm definitely going back next time, which happens to be this Sunday. I love drawing figures without the pressure of teachers telling me to watch your perspective or think about proportion, or without having to hide my sketchbook from my subjects on the T. Also, more drawing = better comics. My goal for this summer is to get my drawing back in shape. Like bikini season, only less sunburned, and hopefully even more entertaining.


    Sunday June 10, 2007 2:30pm
    Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School Cabaret Life Drawing Class
    Great Scott
    1222 Commonwealth Ave (corner of Harvard and Commonwealth) Allston
    $7 2:30pm 18+ (bring your ID, this is a bar)

    More info on Dr. Sketchy's Anti Art School:
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    Dr. Sketchy's Boston myspace: