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  • i love my television

    on sundays i mostly do homework in preparation for class on monday nights. this usually involves charging up my laptop, relocating to the living room, and doing layouts while watching movies on cable.

    when i was younger, my parents used to buy tv guide and i, constantly hungry for reading material (seriously, i would read ANYTHING), would read it cover to cover. i would read it so thoroughly that it got to the point that i knew detailed, week-to-week plot summaries of shows i have never watched before in my life. kind of disturbing.

    this is a highlight of my senior year of college:


    haiku #1: this is about me, the human tv guide
    haiku #2: i think this is a reference to saturday nights
    haiku #3: lack of tv sustenance brings about memories of the 80s MTV game show "remote control" starring ken ober and colin quinn (and occasionally adam sandler). one of my most favorite shows ever. seriously, i would have ruled that show. it helped that my dad had the computer game version and i would play it constantly on our apple 2e. was it just me, or were there an unproportional number of questions about erik estrada?
    haiku #4: you like the naked chef jamie oliver? me too.
    haiku #5: sad but true, even today