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  • obligatory sailor drawings

    being a port city, boston gets a ton of random military ships coming through. this activity reaches a ridiculous height in july (i think), when tons of sailors from all over the world step onto our shore wearing slightly-belled white pants for fleet week.

    coincidentally, sailors are some of my favorite stock male characters to draw (i also like drawing hartford whalers fan, guy in football uniform, sullen mod, and matinee idol with hilarious mustache), and the fleet week episode of sex and the city is the one i love most, and i once owned a vintage pair of navy issue wool sailor pants in high school. so when they're crawling all over town doing silly things while wearing those silly uniforms, it's almost too much inspiration.

    this comic (2 pages) is from the citronella one-shot comic book.



    • every sailor there is inspired by actual events
    • sailors look really funny talking on payphones
    • sailors were, in fact, a staple of most crowd scene illustrations at the time
    • i do, in fact, cross my legs on the T
    • i love every drawing of pirates i have ever made