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  • 2 days, 2 comics

    since it's the weekend, here are two comics from the archives:


    i'm not sure what i drew this for, but the technique (nib pen + ink) and subject matter (er, puns about love) suggest it was sometime during high school, at which time my friends and i maintained a list of ridiculous pickup lines we'd heard/knew of. also of note:
    1. potato necklace (top left) is a reference to an actual potato necklace that was sent to me by a girl named jackie who wrote a zine called cheshire.
    2. boy in polo shirt (also top left) is most definitely a boy named scott who i knew from ska shows. i don't remember being interested in him romantically, but he was fun to draw.
    3. gay rights t-shirt (middle left) is pretty random + awesome.
    4. dude in middle right panel looks like eric from "head of the class"
    5. naked tuna t-shirt (middle right) is a reference to my own comics in /nothing/ zine. more on that when i post some classic naked tuna.
    this next one is from college, and originally appeared in the citronella one-shot comic:


    of note:
    1. this really happened, on bay state road on the BU campus.
    2. star market grocery bag!