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  • and so it begins

    i used to draw comics frequently in high school and college, and published a lot of them in my old zines, /nothing/ and red-hooded sweatshirt. those zines aren't being published or printed anymore, as things like school and work and a serious knitting obsession have taken over my time. i still draw a little, but it's nothing like the intense autobiographical chronicles i used to draw on a regular basis.

    my intent with this blog is to share the oldies, the favorites, the outtakes, and anything new i might feel like creating, complete with my commentary. hot dog! exciting.

    to start things off, here's a comic i made about a dream i had about hanging out with axl rose. the dream happened sometime in college (the comic was originally printed in rhs #4), but axl appeared as his 1989-91 self, classic axl, if you will.

    sweet dream_1

    sweet dream_2