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  • New zine! Miss Sequential #6: Winter Thoughts

    New zine! Miss Sequential #6: Winter Thoughts

    I was in Chicago this past weekend for Chicago Zine Fest-- it was a great time, and if you're looking to get into zines I'd definitely recommend browsing the vendor list to see if there's something you might like to read. If you find yourself in Chicago, I have restocked several of my zines at Quimby's, and I know many other zine people have, too, so be sure to visit them!

    Because I can't NOT make something new for a zine fest, I got my act together and made this, the sixth issue of Miss Sequential, a zine series that is about my life, I guess. Anyway, this issue is smallish and is about things I have been thinking about this winter. I mentioned this to one of my friends, and she asked if I'd come to any big conclusions this winter. Thankfully, no: this is a zine of fun, my friends. There are lists of songs to listen to in winter, and movies to NOT watch in winter. There are little drawings of winter clothes. It is a quick, happy read. If this appeals, you can buy one here in my online shop.

    Also, I am running pretty low on this Ben Day dot film stuff I use for halftones in my comics, so it's possible that this might be one of the last zines with awesome grays. I know you can fake it on a computer, but I don't want to. But that said, if you can help me find a reliable source for more, I would love to send you zines or draw you something. Email me!