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  • META zine is by Marissa Falco and is about Margaret Kilgallen

    It has recently come to my attention that someone has been selling my zine, META, on ebay. The seller has made upwards of $40 on each of the copies they have sold so far. Good for them, I guess? The thing I want to mention, though, is that the listings for META on ebay don't make it explicitly clear that I am the author of this zine. Margaret Kilgallen and Barry McGee had nothing to do with the making of the zine--yes, they have/had amazing art careers and produced lots of great art that inspired me to write about them. But aside from some photos I took of Margaret's art at the San Francisco Public Library (with permission), that zine is 100% by me. And if that's ok with you, go ahead and buy it on ebay for whatever it's going for at the moment.

    While I do believe that people should be able to sell their belongings, or give them away, and make a profit or not, I find it kind of sneaky that someone would list my zine in a way to make it look very much like it's BY Margaret and Barry (their names are in the listing tag, the only page images featured are of Margaret's work rather than the rest of the text), and then at the very end say in passing that the zine was made in Somerville in 2011. What's that? Margaret lived in San Francisco, died in 2001, and as far as I know hasn't made any work since. If you haven't read carefully, you're bidding way too much on a zine I have always sold for $4.

    Why am I telling you this? It seriously bums me out that a personal project that I made in tribute to one of my favorite artists is being used for someone else's profit. It's not even about the money, or about crediting me for my work, it's about the dishonesty of trying to pass my work off as Margaret & Barry's. Not cool.

    Copies of META, the zine I made, are available at my shop HERE for $4 plus shipping. Thanks for reading.