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  • Me & My Friends Make Art III: opening 8/2 in Somerville

    I'm part of the Me & My Friends Make Art III show at Washington St gallery in Somerville in the month of August. For this show, studio members invite a friend from outside to show along with them. I think there are about 14 artists total. I'll have a fiber piece in the show along with my friend Maritza Soto, who is an amazing quilt artist. If you're in the area, come by and check it out!

    I also drew the flyer for the show. I haven't been drawing much of anything for a few months, so after feeling like I was in a creative rut for too long I decided to take an intro to watercolor class. It was interesting and a good stretch for my brain and my eyes, but didn't completely fulfill what I was looking for in terms of color exploration. I wanted more saturated colors, something I could control but also layer in an interesting way. I bought five Copic markers to try them out, and then the a few days later (with the help of a 40% off coupon from a friend), bought a bunch more. This is a very simple application of those markers, but I think it's interesting because it's the reverse of my usual process-- color first, then black ink details.