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  • New fiber piece: Decorations

    In preparation for the Me & My Friends Make Art III show at Washington St, I decided to start work on a new fiber piece I'd been thinking about for a while. This is a quilted wall hanging that is based on some of the medals my grandfather earned during his service with the US 3rd Infantry in World War II.

    While I was aware of my grandfather's service, I didn't get to see his medals until sometime in the past 10 years or so, when he asked my father to arrange them all in a shadow box for display. Rather than being a main focal point of a room, the shadow box frame hangs in the hallway in my grandparents' house-- there among the framed family photos, it is something that you might pass by often without noticing all the details. For some reason it caught my eye when I visited a few months ago, and I thought, hey, the stripes in those ribbons might be fun to use as inspiration for a quilt. So that's what I've done here. I like how the piece came out, but I'm thinking about someday taking it apart and adding more of the badges and medals from the shadow box, or possibly trying it again as a more abstract composition. We'll see.