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  • Zines! Cambridge! Saturday 8/16!

    If you're local and you like zines or want to like zines, it would be wise to check out the first-ever New England Zine Fest this Saturday 8/16 at the Cambridge YMCA in Central Square. I will be there from 12-6 with a bunch of my zines in tow, so if there are holes in your collection, or if you want to bring me a cookie, or if you just want to ask me about when the new Miss Sequential will be out (soon, jeez), stop by and I will stop drawing and say hello.

    There are a lot of other people who will be there with their zines, and while I am not familiar with most of their work I am 1) looking forward to checking it out, and 2) certain that there will be something for everyone, because that's how zine fests usually are. Thanks to the nice people at The Boston Hassle for making this event, because the Boston/Camberville area has gone far too long without a zine fest! Bring small bills if you want to buy stuff! Hope to see you there!