• New zine!

    Yes, it's really true! I made a new zine.


    31, as it is called, was originally conceived as a 31st-birthday party favor for not only my friends attending my birthday festivities (we went to the Barking Crab, it was AWESOME), but also all the faraway friends and family who I wished could be at my party, too. And after a bit of reworking, it's now available to everyone! That is pretty exciting.


    Ordering details are available through etsy: ORDER 31 ZINE HERE, or if we're see-each-other-in-person types, you can hand me cash minus the shipping cost. YES.


    As this is almost entirely collage and illustration, it's the first art zine I've made, and it's really taken me back to my cut-and-paste roots. I ran out of glue stick for the first time in about 6 years! Crazy.



  • Interviewed!

    So the nice folks over at the Barnard Zine Library interviewed me recently. I collected zines for much of my teens and twenties, and recently donated a large portion of that collection to the zine library's archives. You can read my thoughts on getting into zines, zines I've made, and the importance of archiving zine materials in a library setting here:

    Barnard Zine Library: Donor Spotlight



  • Open Studios: it happened!

    Wow, I can't believe it's already been almost a month since Somerville Open Studios! I didn't get a chance to post right after the event, but I think it was a success. Thanks to my friends and family for stopping by, and also to all the neighbor-strangers who wandered through my apartment all weekend. You were all perfect guests!

    The night before, my friend Jessie came over and we ordered a pizza and set to work setting up my apartment for the event. We came up with this display in my living room, so people could peruse the merchandise:

    open studios setup

    It was unseasonably warm on that Sunday, so I made sure to run out and grab a box of popsicles to have on hand for everyone who wandered in. Also, my friend Michelle made that container full of "Puppy Chow" (rice chex with chocolate, peanut butter, and powdered sugar) and we snacked on that all weekend.

    we have popsicles

    Jessie had the great idea to display all my original drawings from Miss Sequential #2 on a clothesline setup across my kitchen windows. People were really into it, and read all the panels as they snacked.


    Finally, a quick snapshot of my studio, which was finally set up (after nearly nine months of living in this apartment) in time for this event. It's not this clean anymore!


    I'll have more posts soon on the special paintings I made for open studios and the photocopying of a new zine project.



  • counting down the hours

    sneak peek

    still working on stuff for open studios! hope to see you there! may 1 + may 2, which are swiftly approaching.



  • Getting ready for open studios

    Hey everyone! Not much posting in these parts lately, because I've been so busy making things for somerville open studios

    Here's a sneak peek:

    In progress

    Open studios are May 1 + May 2. If you're in the area, you should stop by and see what I've been working on!