• Stuff for sale!

    In preparation for open studios and postcard-sending season (you know, you should really send them year 'round, and some people do, but mostly they make the rounds when everyone's gone on summer vacation) I had a bunch of postcards made up from some of my drawings. They are all available in sets of five (five of the same card, no assortments just yet) from my etsy shop.

    For you, blog readers, a preview:

    We have the swimmers, because I love swimming:

    swimming postcards!

    We have the ray-of-sunshine-in-your-mailbox self portrait dedicated to anyone who is digging themselves out of SAD and/or just needs a little sunshine:

    sunshine postcards!

    And, finally, we have the thank-you card that is either UNSPEAKABLY INSISTENTLY SINCERE, or ACTUALLY KIND OF A LITTLE CHEEKY, depending on who you are and who you send it to. Knowing me, it could be either, or, and all of the above on any given day. It all depends what you write on the back!

    thank you postcards!



  • Coming soon: New postcards!

    postcards coming soon!

    Just in time for the postcard-writing season! Watch this space for more info: a selection of my drawings turned into postcards will be assembled into sets and available soon via my etsy shop. Probably next week.



  • rear window

    rear window

    My friend Ericka broke her ankle a few weeks ago, and was fitted with a walking cast. Ericka is an avid photographer, and does a lot of photography around her city, Minneapolis. As she most often travels by bike or on foot, the boot has definitely been cramping her style. Last week she mentioned wishing she could get out and take more photos, but the boot was hampering her mobility. That instantly made me think of Jimmy Stewart's situation in "Rear Window," and I was inspired to make this drawing.



  • Sunshine Sometime


    It feels as though I've been drawing a lot lately, I just don't have a lot to show for it. This is a sketch I made over the winter, in efforts to make the winter blahs go away. Today I inked and painted it, and pretty soon it will be printed on notecards for me and mine and you and yours.

    Right now I'm watching Beautiful Losers, a film about independent artists in the mid-1990s. It's amazing. I'm starting the part about Margaret Kilgallen, one of my biggest influences/inspirations, and it's just really great to see and hear her (and the other artists, too) talking about why they do this and where they're coming from. You know I draw swimmers, well, the other day I remembered Margaret painted some swimmers, too, and for a second it felt like such a tangible connection to someone I'll never get to meet, but whose art has influenced me for many, many years.



  • Working from Hoth

    working from hoth

    At my place of work, if you should choose to take your laptop and work from home for the day, it is customary to leave a post-it note with the initials WFH (working from home) on the side of your cubicle.

    A few weeks ago I was working from home and made some joke about it being more like working from Hoth, the ice planet from "The Empire Strikes Back." And then, of course, I knew I had to draw it.

    This is my second recent piece starring me as Princess Leia. I have a feeling there will be more.