• portrait of the artist with a portrait of the artist

    On Saturday, Sarah and I took the Bolt Bus to NYC to see our paintings on display at the 6x6 gallery and run around the city. New York was, as always, a playground of awesome and a delight for the senses. We visited a few of my favorite places and I finally got to go see Mood (terrifyingly full of fabric!).

    Early in the afternoon we made it over to the gallery, which is deep in the East Village. Seeing my painting in the gallery was great! I don't show often, so it's always a thrill to see something I made hanging up for all the world to see.

    at the six by six gallery!

    I'm working on tons of stuff right now, so expect more posts very soon!



  • halloweening

    Halloween 2009!

    Drawn for the Halloween party at my place of work. Last year I started using the "monster colleagues" theme, and people really liked it, and I really liked depicting office workers as monsters, so here is a new werewolf for this year. I think his confused expression and the eyeball are my favorite parts. The eyeball is a shout-out to the Shel Silverstein poem about the eyeball in the gumball machine. You remember, right? It's right between the red and the green, looking at me as if to say, "you shouldn't have any more gum today."



  • sneak peek: new zine coming soon!

    hi there! well, september is over and i have been keeping so busy. so busy, in fact, that not only did i do things every day, but i also drew pictures of what i did every day. it's true! check out a couple of sneak previews of my upcoming zine, miss sequential #2: sequential september.

    daily-comic preview 01

    daily-comic preview 02

    the new zine should be out this month, as soon as i finish scanning and editing and copying and stapling. stay tuned!



  • crush


    Something new! A painting for the Six by Six Gallery in NYC. I haven't received confirmation of when it will be on display, but I'll be sure to post about that.

    Other exciting stuff lately:

    - Getting Miss Sequential #1 into stores! If you have a suggestion of a place that might carry it, let me know. Want your own copy? I still have some! Check out the ordering info HERE.

    - Working on a daily comic for the whole month of September... phew! I was so good about doing these, but am a little behind this week. I've been taking notes and I'm sure I'll get back on track. This is shaping up to be a nice little zine in itself, probably available in print sometime in October.



  • Thirsty Thursday drawings

    My work has a monthly social hour called "Thirsty Thursday," for which I get to design the flyers and email ads. For a while I was doing these kind of sleek type-only ads, but then sometime this spring I decided I needed to inflict my silly drawings upon my colleagues:

    Thirsty Thursday veggies

    This one was for August. Timely and topical, as both fresh produce and vampiric vegetables represent.

    Thirsty Thursday alligator

    This one was for July. I was going for a Don Johnson/Hawaiian tourist kind of thing. Monochromatic because I like using up all of one color ink in the printer, and because I seem to have a fondness for cyan lately.