• initial sighting of the guinea-corn

    initial sighting of the guinea-corn

    this was an image i had tumbling around in my head for a while, after seeing this scene in a dream over a year ago. finally all sorts of things aligned (the image, starting to paint, hearing about the upcoming cute show) and it's come together as a painting! this is the largest one i've made yet, it's something like 14 x 18 and i'm having a hard time finding a box to mail it to the gallery...

    oh yeah! it'll be on display at ellO gallery in portsmouth, new hampshire, as part of their "cute show" (not the death and destruction one, hahaha, that's another painting waiting to happen... revenge of the guinea-corn, perhaps?) during the month of february.



  • amelia's sinuses

    amelia's sinuses

    a new painting i made for a show at the washington street arts center in somerville. it was a short show, but a great combination of ideas, styles, and techniques.

    amelia is painted in acrylics atop a layer of decoupaged book pages, all on canvas.

    more soon!

    eta: megan let me know about this cool time lapse video of the exhibit...



  • bazaar bizarre boston!


    what i've been up to lately. i am involved in organizing as well as selling stuff this year, so i have been super-busy! here's the flyer i made for the event.



  • halloween, corporate style

    i'm on the social committee at the publishing company where i work, and every year our work throws a pretty excellent halloween party for employees and their kids. this year i was in charge of flyers and invitations, so one afternoon i sat down with a sharpie and sketched out these monster co-workers:


    then i scanned them into the computer and colored them in photoshop. i decided to keep the flyers simple, because of the simple drawing style. (you're not seeing the entire flyer because most of the rest of it is boring details including my work's name, my work's address, and really i need to stop getting so much fan mail there. i'm sure you understand.)


    i am secretly hoping that someone will pull me aside and very seriously ask me if i used them for inspiration for any of my characters. "am i the werewolf on three?!" 'fraid so.




  • something spooky is brewing

    More long-distance murals for Eastern Perk (701 Main Street in Willimantic, CT). I'm not sure if they've had a chance to hang them yet, but I do know Karen likes it when I write about things.

    eastern perk halloween 1

    Fun fact: Did you know that when I was in 3rd grade, I won a Halloween drawing contest and had my portrait of Dracula printed in the Willimantic Chronicle? That likeness was much scarier than this one, but that's ok; we don't want to scare the customers away. If my mom still has a copy of my 3rd grade Dracula, I'll try to scan it in and post it here.

    I briefly considered giving this Dracula a red mug with red steam, but that's just gross. Too much True Blood lately, folks.

    eastern perk halloween 2

    Who are these mysterious Perk patrons? Beats me, I just draw 'em.

    eastern perk halloween 3

    I have known there to be several haunted places in the Willimantic area, and just want to say, in case any ghosts are reading this over anyone's shoulder, Hello, welcome, thanks for mostly not scaring the bejeezus out of me, and I know this isn't what you look like, it's just a Halloween thing.