• banjo serenade

    two man gentlemen band flyer

    drawn for a show my friend is setting up. are you in richmond, virginia? if so, you should most definitely check this out. july 12! a thursday! what else are you gonna do but kazoo?

    and check out the two man gentlemen band anyway, because they're excellent and they are fun to draw:

    drawn in ink on bristol with watercolor shading. look for more old timey drawings and watercolor shading in the future: i really like it.



  • in honor of the hot weather


    in 2002 i either had a devil-may-care attitude about flashing the neighbors or was pretty forgetful about closing the blinds before disrobing.

    a note to any potential voyeurs: this was at my old apartment, where the lawn seating was plentiful. this apartment's bedroom is three floors up and facing pavement, so unless you befriend the next door neighbors and stand on their roof, you're SOL.

    i think this is the last of the scantily-clad posts for a while.



  • so maybe you want an actual comic


    file under: this really happened. it's from my 2000-2002 sketchbook and appeared in RHS #6.

    this was a pretty magical weekend, which included meeting cheryl and lauren in the city, heading back to cheryl's place in nj, driving to the x-games in philly (and chasing bucky lasek through the staples center), hanging out in nyc again and seeing rock stars, and i'm sure there was even more.

    dave grohl looks exactly the same in real life as on tv. melissa is even more gorgeous in person, she kind of sparkles.

    during college it felt like i went to nyc a ton (or maybe i just made the absolute most of my visits), and i really miss that. my mom and i are planning to go to the city this summer to check out the garment district and hopefully the moma, it should be awesome. now, to pick a lunch place out of all the positive new yorker reviews i have filed away in my brain...